An unrequited journalist comes in from the cold

Catch and Kill is a finalist for the 2015 Walkley Awards.

It's part of the long-list for the book award, together with nine other books.

Those other books are:

Quentin BeresfordThe Rise and Fall of Gunns LTD,
Ross Coulthart, Charles Bean,
Andrew FowlerThe War on Journalism,
Erik Jensen, Acute Misfortune: The Life and Death of Adam Cullen,
Chip Le GrandThe Straight Dope,
Debi MarshallThe Family Court Murders,
Brenda NiallMannix,
Geoffrey RobertsonAn Inconvenient Genocide, and
Sam VincentBlood and Guts.

That's pretty good company to be in, so I am rapt.

Given my career path as a unrequited journalist, it means a great deal to me to be a part of journalism's premier awards. I started out as a 17-year-old copy boy at the Sun News-pictorial on January 29, 1987, and now, all these years later, I have a walk-on part in the big show.

The lessons I learned in newspapers in Australia, then the Internet and TV in the United States, have stayed with me. In fact, you could say journalism and poetry have taught me everything I know. 

And, no, I don't mind that the Walkleys misspelt my name in their media release that announced the finalists. As far as I'm concerned, they can call me anything they like.